Sunday, January 22, 2012

You just won a BRAND NEW CAR! Seriously? No.

So, some of you my know that we now are down to one car.  Which is fine when me and Cimaron work the same shifts, but when we don't I need to rely on the good will of the people I work with to get home.  In the fall I used to be able to walk to the trax station and ride it to the 39th stop. I would say it is about a mile walk (not bad at all and I actually enjoyed getting the exercise).  Well, now it's cold and I feel like I'm a bother to people at work and get anxious to ask for rides home.

{I feel like I should just join the homeless people on the corner by Walmart with a sign that says "no car... pregnant... need a ride home." I would have to throw the pregnancy card, right? }

And I know it's NOT going to kill me to get a little cold, but my UTA pass from Weber State has now expired {shouldn't suprise me since it's been 1+ year since I graduated} and the cost of a ticket for a 2 mile trax ride is not very cheap.

Anywho, now the big question is...

to buy a car... or not buy a car?

And if we get a car, do we get a cheaper one that we can pay for with cash? Or do we get one for a couple more grand and put that cash down and get a really small loan?

I'm seeing pros and cons to both.

Meh. I think I know the answer and I may be leaning toward the more expensive option  so I can look good in "newer car". I know. It's lame.

I find myself going back and forth a lot on this decision though and I'd really like to get it off of my mind. Sometimes I even feel like I can do without a car... and then we would be able to keep our money!

{This realization usually comes to me when Cimaron is able to give me rides.  But then we NEED a car when I'm walking home and weirdos are honking at me. Hello? I'm with child. Who came up with that, anyway?  Do ladies really find that attractive?  Yeah... I have a great husband at home, but some creepy guy just honked at me.  Now I'm really confused. Decisions, decisions. JK JK}

But our circumstances are different from other families because Cimaron has a job where he can't just up and leave to come get me from work... and he NEEDS the car incase a story breaks and he needs to go report on it so I can't drop him off for work.

That's about all for tonight. If any of you are selling a car, giving one away for free, or have any tips, please share :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello there little lady!

Oh yeah...

I forgot to mention that there is a little lady inside my belly.

I can't find the picture that shows her goodies... I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

Ma and Pa Neugebauer

We're going to be parents in May!

I will be 21 weeks tomorrow. This pregnancy has been rough compared to the others. I had really bad morning sickness until about 16 weeks.  There were times that I really wanted to blog or post on Facebook about how sick I was but I figured I'd sleep it off instead. We didn't really tell our families until we were out of the first trimester. It still doesn't really come up in my conversations with people. So, I think there are a few people who think I've just gained weight. But what am I supposed to say?

Person: Hi Carli, how are you?

Me: Welp, pregnant.

It just doesn't really come up in my daily conversations with people and it still hasn't really hit me that it's happening and probably won't until the day I'm actually holding the baby. Even then, I'll probably  bug the doctor and nurses asking if they are sure it is healthy.  Who knows when it will sink in for either of us.

Another thing that I've been hesitant about is talking about it on Facebook or even on my blog. I know that I should enjoy this time, but I just think of how hard it was to hear of other people's pregnancies when I was going through everything...  I just don't want to be the post that causes any tears for anyone. Then again, I shouldn't assume that just because people have difficulty getting or staying pregnant, that they can't be happy for anyone else.  I definitely didn't want anyone to think that way about me. But quite honestly, as happy as I was for some people, you can only be happy for so many people before you start feeling sad for yourself.... and I'm rambling.  So, I'm just going to be happy for our family and pray for those still waiting patiently for their little ones to come.