Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ma and Pa Neugebauer

We're going to be parents in May!

I will be 21 weeks tomorrow. This pregnancy has been rough compared to the others. I had really bad morning sickness until about 16 weeks.  There were times that I really wanted to blog or post on Facebook about how sick I was but I figured I'd sleep it off instead. We didn't really tell our families until we were out of the first trimester. It still doesn't really come up in my conversations with people. So, I think there are a few people who think I've just gained weight. But what am I supposed to say?

Person: Hi Carli, how are you?

Me: Welp, pregnant.

It just doesn't really come up in my daily conversations with people and it still hasn't really hit me that it's happening and probably won't until the day I'm actually holding the baby. Even then, I'll probably  bug the doctor and nurses asking if they are sure it is healthy.  Who knows when it will sink in for either of us.

Another thing that I've been hesitant about is talking about it on Facebook or even on my blog. I know that I should enjoy this time, but I just think of how hard it was to hear of other people's pregnancies when I was going through everything...  I just don't want to be the post that causes any tears for anyone. Then again, I shouldn't assume that just because people have difficulty getting or staying pregnant, that they can't be happy for anyone else.  I definitely didn't want anyone to think that way about me. But quite honestly, as happy as I was for some people, you can only be happy for so many people before you start feeling sad for yourself.... and I'm rambling.  So, I'm just going to be happy for our family and pray for those still waiting patiently for their little ones to come. 


Anonymous said...

like me! and we're exactingly happy for you guys. can't wait to meet her!!
ps: my word verification is "quishe" thought it was silly sounding.

Kirsten said...

Haha... I know, I never just go around and tell people I'm pregnant, or post it on facebook, or anything. I'm sure there were a lot of people looking at me and wondering if they're supposed to ask me when I'm due, or if that would be a classic case of foot-in-mouth.