Monday, May 20, 2013

UPDATE: 227 Miles To Go!

I feel like I've been doing better with getting at least 3 workouts each week. I finally got a gym membership at golds gym and have been going with my friend Camille.  Even though we havent gone much the last few weeks, its been nice to have someone I can talk to about how well or bad I've been doing.  

Here is a funny commercial for planet fitness I saw the other day.  It reminded me of myself... 

It reminds me of myself because I'm totally the "hot blonde"... just incase you were wondering why ;)

I'm slowly chipping away at my 300 mile goal!  Slowly but surely.  My friend Aubree reminded me that I don't have to achieve the goal in a year.  Even though admitting that seems like I am planning on failing,  I think it's refreshing to not feel like I've completely failed and lost hope if I don't hit it on time.  Don't get me wrong, that's still the goal, but I've decided I'm not going to be disappointed in myself if it doesn't happen because I've been working out more now than I have in years, and that was the ultimate goal!  So shout out to Aubree! What, What!! And thanks to everyone else for your support!  It really keeps me motivated to know that people read my blog and know what I am (or not) up to.

Our Dream Yard

Cim and I recently dug up our parking strip and put some gravel and plants down. It was a lot of back breaking labor.  Especially since we did it in the middle of the hottest day last week :/ I don't remember the last time I worked that hard. Im sure that there will be more days like that to come but I will just count those days as my workout!

I dont have any real pictures of our yard on my tablet but here is a doodle of what we would like the finished product to look like!  We can dream can't we?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

As Rihanna would sing... SOS Please, someone help me.

I've REALLY sucked it up for the last... I donno... MONTH?   I'm about ready to give up on my 300 mile goal because I fee so far behind.  I thought of how embarrassing it was going to be because I've blogged about it.  I don't know how I feel about the fact that I started this goal or that I've made it public.  Sometimes I think things through too much, and other times I just jump in and am really passionate and dedicated for a while and then I either fizzle out or just stop altogether.   Right now, I'm feeling my dedication slip away and I don't really care if people know that I'm a quitter or not.

But it sucks to start something and do so well and then stop.  It makes me feel like I can't be dedicated to what I set my mind to.  Now, I need to find the motivation to start again. Bleh.  I'm thinking a gym membership might help mix things up a little.  But I don't want to pay for something that might not work. SEE?  I'm doing it again.  THINKING about it too, much.

I'm sharing this because I want people to know I'm human, and I'm not perfect (far from).  All I see on facebook are success posts about how far they ran, but I never see the story of how they got there.  Do they even struggle?  I just want everyone to know that isn't real life.  It's scary to be the example, but maybe other people will start sharing their true stories and encourage and empower all of us instead of making us feel less than because our fastest mile is 12 minutes and theirs is 8.

Jus sayin.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shout out to my baby gurl!

Our little bug turned 9 months today!! I can't believe it.  It feels like we just brought her home yesterday, but then I think of each time I've woken up in the middle of the night. Yeah, 9 months feels just about right!  She has brought so much happiness into our lives.  She is the beginning, middle, and end to my days and I wouldn't want it any other way.  We can't wait to watch and help her continue to grow!

Heater vents
Chords to anything
Finding itty bitty things in the carpet
Bouncing piggy
Oatmeal cereal
Bath time
When daddy comes home AND talking to him on the phone
Mom's cell phone
Mom's hair
Raspberries on belly
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Justin Timberlake
Patty Cake

Meat flavored baby food
Getting her face wiped
Waking up "hungry" at 2 am
More than 1 nap
Getting dressed


Sitting up
Shaking head back and forth
Circling hands and feet simultaneously 

I can say mamama, dadadada, and nanana


Friday, February 22, 2013

When "you're just standing there ... all fat."

I can be so negative about my body.  It's upsetting to think about how much time I waste thinking about  what I look like.

Being negative in my head is one thing, but being negative out loud in front of others is something else.     I've seen some comments from other women on Facebook who call themselves "fat."  I don't know if these people even think of those who may be "fatter" than them and how it makes them feel.

We blame the media for making us feel uncomfortable in our own skin because they send the message that thin is beautiful.  It's easy to blame them because "the media" is such a broad term to remove any responsibility from ourselves.

I'm going to make an effort to be kind to myself and love my body for what it is.   It's a place where my spirit dwells :)  It's time that I start learning to be happy about where I am now instead of thinking "I'd be happier if I were 20 pounds lighter." I wouldn't want Ella to ever think about herself in this way and that's why I'm also going to try not to put myself down in front of her OR anyone else.

So far,  I've been doing well with being consistently physically active, now I'm just trying to re-train my brain.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Walka, Walka, Walka

I didn't know what to call this post.... it's just a boring log.

Wednesday, Feb 13 - 2 mi - Total: 8.5
Thursday, Feb 14 - 0 mi - We are all entitled to laziness on holidays. - Total: 8.5
Friday, Feb 15,  - 0 mi - Instead, I watched other people work out at the state wrestling tournament - Total: 8.5
Saturday, Feb 16 - 3 mi - Cim came with me :)  Total : 11.5
Monday, Feb 18 - 3 mi - Went to the city building and grocery store. Total: 14.5

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

but I did.

I did it! 

I bounced on the trampoline and did some sit ups and stuff after I put Ella to bed.  To make sure I was getting my mile in I put on my pedometer :)

I took a picture of myself on the rebounder (what the pro-bouncers call their tramps) for your viewing pleasure.


And I've decided to add jumping to my list of things I can do to obtain my goal (thanks to the comments).


I don't want to...

I didn't go on a walk today.  I don't have a GOOD excuse.  It's still difficult for me to practice self-control when it comes to what I eat.  I guess I feel like whatever good I do for myself when I exercise is erased by what I eat.  Honestly, I'm doubting  if I can do this.  Will it really make a difference in the way I look?  Will I feel better about myself?

If I quit, I'll throw everything good I have done away...

Not only that, but I'll probably look back on this moment a couple months from now and think, "If I would've kept going, I would probably be in shape by now."

So... I guess I will lace up my shoes and get a workout in after Ella is in bed.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Walk #3

The weekend was nice.  It snowed pretty heavy on Saturday morning so I didn't think it would be very reasonable to go for my walk.  So, I jumped on my trampoline and did some other things to get a workout.  I made Cimaron promise that he wouldn't come downstairs while I was working out... I have a phobia of people seeing me be out of shape.  Ok, it probably isn't a phobia, I just get embarrassed when I'm breathing like a fat kid after 5 minutes of doing something anyone else would consider easy.  Anywho.  It was nice to get some type of workout but I can't count it toward my 300.... unless I add jump to my list.  Is that legit?  I'll hold off on adding it to my total until someone tells me it is.

Today's walk was annoying.  The sidewalks aren't shoveled wide enough for the stroller so most of the time I walked on the street.  If the sidewalk was wide enough for us to fit, the end of the street wasn't shoveled so it was difficult to get out.  I'm sick of the snow.  I'm usually one who doesn't complain.  I like having an excuse to hide in layers of clothes.  Maybe someday I won't need to hide anymore and Summer can be my new favorite time of year!

My total:  4.5/300 

If I count jumping... 5.5/300

Friday, February 8, 2013

1% down...

Today was nothing special.  I'm starting to think that I probably will only update weekly unless anything super weird happens on my wogs.  Since I don't live in South Salt Lake anymore, I'm wondering if that will happen.

I did slip on some black ice... but caught my fall.  I looked like the burglars on Home Alone.  haha.  I was hoping nobody saw but there was a guy stopped at a stop sign.  I hope it made his day.

Anywho.  1.5 miles again.  I was thinking it would be more like 2 but it wasn't.

That means I'm at 3/300.

I've thought about setting a route before I leave home but I  like the randomness and not knowing how far I've gone. It seems easier to just think "to the corner" instead of "to the corner will be one mile, then I still have 1 to go! Shiz!"  (lets be honest, I have a potty brain and as hard as I try not to, I think the real thing ESPECIALLY when I'm working out.)

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today I walked/jogged 1.5 of the 300 miles.  It's almost laughable to think how many more I have to go but I'm determined to do it.

On my walk, I listened to some old music on my ipod shuffle that I haven't listened to in years.  It was nice to hear those songs and think about who I was when I uploaded them.  One of them was "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse.  I thought it was kind of weird that she sang about people telling her to go to rehab and how she was fine and then she ended up overdosing on drugs.  Silly Amy.

Other things that happened??  I waved to two old guys as they drove by and tried to go as fast as I could as I walked through the apartment complex.

The only thing that saw my butt jiggle up close was a dog off it's leash that decided to sniff me.  YIKES! (for the dog).

Ella seemed to enjoy the ride.  She was a little angel... no complaints there.  Until next time....

300 Miles

I gained about 50 pounds when I was pregnant with Ella.  Yeah.  That's what I thought.  8 of it was her, and a lot of it was water weight, and the rest of it came off by nursing.  I'm back to what I was before I got pregnant but I DEFINITELY don't have my body back.  I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again.  Anyway, I think about the way I look too much and it's about time I do something about it.  I've thought about so many different ways I could do it...

-weight watchers
-fitness pal
-starving myself... hahaha me... starving.  I love cookies too much to do this.

Then BAM it hit me.  Exercise.  Exercise?  Me?  Yes.  It's happening people.  The girl with the booty is putting on the tight pants and wogging around a neighborhood near you.    I've always been self conscious about my butt jiggling when I run and I've finally decided that if it bugs anyone they can look away, and try to find someone's who doesn't bounce cause I bet their's does, too!  In other words,  I'm embracing it.  And maybe if I embrace it like Beyonce does hers, it will become famous or something.

So what's the plan, Stan? (Sometimes my friends call me Stan.  Ok, ok, they never do.)

I saw a group of Facebook that had a goal to reach 300 something miles by next year.  This would mean walking, running, swimming at least 1 mile every day (except sunday) until 2014.  Since they started in January and I only know two of them,  I'm going to start by myself and blog about it.  I'm going to post my experiences about my "adventures" here. Down to the old people waving as they drive by or the sketchy guy who hocks (spells) a loogie and throws his arms up at me like, "wanna go?"

So here it is.

{I, Carli Neugebauer, am going to run, walk, jog, wog, bike, rollerblade, or swim 300 miles by January 2014. }

Ugh. Is it just me or did anyone else get a knot in their stomach when they read that? I almost added drive in there but I guess that would be cheating.

Cimaron has encouraged me to use my blog to hold myself accountable before, and I said "but... nobody reads it."  I'll be honest, that is part of the reason why I'm using it.  Another, is that I don't want to post it on Facebook.  I have 10 more friends on there... compared to 2 or 3 readers on here.  I'll take the latter.  So,  blog readers, whoever you are,  this is my goal.  And if I don't do it you can comment on this in a year and say "so car, I see your butt bounces even more now" and I'll be like "yep.... AND my arms have taken on flapping!"

Butt really.  This IS happening.