Saturday, March 24, 2012

Da Crib...

We FINALLY purchased a crib this week! It took forever. We searched online and in stores, researched safety ratings and on and on.  We made a decision the week before that we needed to have a crib by the end of day Monday.  It happened!  We narrowed it down to 3 cribs we liked and went and looked at all three.   I found a different one at Babies R Us that wasn't in our final three, but was the same brand as another one we were looking at.. anyway. boring... Here are some pictures of the assembly process!

Ta Da!

We still haven't tested out this crib. But I like it.  I think we walked away from this experience learning that if a store is selling a crib... it's going to meet all of the safety standards it needs to. No need to pull out the measuring tape and double check every little measurement... even though that's exactly what Cimaron did. :) 

The gut.

A couple of pictures of my belly...  

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

27 Weeks (The picture is labeled 27 weeks, but I think it's still 26?)

28 Weeks

No picture of my belly this week, but I got a picture of Cim painting my toes! He did a great job! (I was still able to do it myself, cim just wanted to practice. haha)

29 Weeks... not at my best. I remember not feeling good OR wanting to take this picture. 

30 Weeks... right before bedtime. haha

31 Weeks

We started taking pictures a little later than we did last time... but at least we're trying right?  We started with the hopes of me being in the same or similar outfits so it would show the growth better but it didn't happen.  One thing to note is that Cimaron is ALWAYS the one to initiate these pictures.  Which is cute. He'll be an awesome dad! As for me, I'll be a good mom... just not one to take many pictures. haha