Sunday, March 7, 2010

A glance into the future...

I got distracted from homework and went to Here is the result...

Baby #1 - Cache

I was confused where the pirate hat came from but then I realized I'm wearing a hat in the picture. Or maybe he'll be a pirate? Who knows.

And here is ...

Baby #2 - Ella Fae

Yes, she is a flower child. I'm thinking cause of my hat again.

I think they came out lookin pretty good considering the picture I used of myself.

Cimaron is upset that they aren't accurate. Or are they? Only time will tell. haha

*DISCLAIMER -  This is not our way of telling you something. We are not expecting.*


Anonymous said...

bahaha. You'rs look better than brantt and I's. Most of ours turned our albino or african american somehow. Weird. haha. Brantt was like Cim- upset that they aren't acurate. Oh funny men.
P.S. Loved the disclaimer. haha

Kendra Lafferty said...

hahah! I tried to do this and BYU blocked it so I couldn't see the outcome. But yes, your children look pretty good!