Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's so dang hot. Milk was a bad choice.

If you would've asked me a month ago, I would have been upset that it was cold outside. Now, I'm dreading the heat. Am I ever satisfied? No. I guess not. It's not my fault though.

Let me explain...

I can deal with the heat for hours at a time if I am camping, boating, or at a swim park. All of those involve doing something fun in the sun! But dealing with heat when I'm at work... a place where I don't spring out of bed to be (unlike my husband), I start to get a little bitter and dissatisfied with the weather. If you didn't figure it out by now, the air conditioning at my work is broken.

I know, I know, there are people who have it a lot worse (construction workers, life guards, pool cleaners.. i can't think of anymore. help me out if you'd like. ), but I work in an office, where I don't move much, and all I can do is sit in a pool of my own sweat. NOT COOL! literally.

I guess I just needed to vent. I'm sure that it will get fixed (eventually). I am just hoping that is sooner than later. Until then, it has been a great topic to talk and laugh about with co-workers. Feel free to share any work experiences that have been bugging you, maybe it will make me feel better about mine :)

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Anonymous said...

uhm... i was laughing before i even got to your post. the title made me laugh. and ps the ac at my work SUCKS bad too. and we're running around helping customers. sometimes i just come home and shower again. then i feel better. i want to paint something with you. (that sounded random to everyone but you and i, but it'd be fun)