Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On this, the day of my daughter's wedding...

We just finished Godfather part I and part II.  I thought this day would never come.

We started watching Part I about a month ago. It took us about a week to finish it. We would always start it around 10 and Cim would be out within 30 minutes. So I would be hooked and finish watching it by myself and then we would go back to where Cim fell asleep and I would explain why things were happening (it's kind of hard to follow, but not after you've watched it twice before).  I know you're probably thinking, "If it were good he wouldn't fall asleep." Right? Wrong. He can fall asleep to any movie or tv show.  I can even look over and see him laughing one minute and then fast asleep the next. Although this can be frustrating at times, I find it to be cute most of the time.  Besides, the kid works so hard for us. I can't complain that he needs a little more shut eye than me.

Anyway, the series is something that I wanted to watch. It's just a classic. Ya know? But you won't find me watching it on a regular basis... and not ever again.  So if you have any questions about The Godfather and you don't want to watch it.  You can ask me.  Or just google it I guess?

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