Monday, February 11, 2013

Walk #3

The weekend was nice.  It snowed pretty heavy on Saturday morning so I didn't think it would be very reasonable to go for my walk.  So, I jumped on my trampoline and did some other things to get a workout.  I made Cimaron promise that he wouldn't come downstairs while I was working out... I have a phobia of people seeing me be out of shape.  Ok, it probably isn't a phobia, I just get embarrassed when I'm breathing like a fat kid after 5 minutes of doing something anyone else would consider easy.  Anywho.  It was nice to get some type of workout but I can't count it toward my 300.... unless I add jump to my list.  Is that legit?  I'll hold off on adding it to my total until someone tells me it is.

Today's walk was annoying.  The sidewalks aren't shoveled wide enough for the stroller so most of the time I walked on the street.  If the sidewalk was wide enough for us to fit, the end of the street wasn't shoveled so it was difficult to get out.  I'm sick of the snow.  I'm usually one who doesn't complain.  I like having an excuse to hide in layers of clothes.  Maybe someday I won't need to hide anymore and Summer can be my new favorite time of year!

My total:  4.5/300 

If I count jumping... 5.5/300


Anonymous said...

count the jumping. love you. WHHOOOPP THERE SHE GOES!! :)

Kendra L. said...

"if I count jumping," hehehe I think you should count jumping. Jumping is really good exercise. I remember being obsessed with jump roping at some obscure age and found all these sources that said jumping was great exercise. Google it:

Neugebauers said...

I just figured out that I can comment on my comments! Yeah. I'm lame. I'm officially counting jumping:) thanks friends!