Tuesday, April 9, 2013

As Rihanna would sing... SOS Please, someone help me.

I've REALLY sucked it up for the last... I donno... MONTH?   I'm about ready to give up on my 300 mile goal because I fee so far behind.  I thought of how embarrassing it was going to be because I've blogged about it.  I don't know how I feel about the fact that I started this goal or that I've made it public.  Sometimes I think things through too much, and other times I just jump in and am really passionate and dedicated for a while and then I either fizzle out or just stop altogether.   Right now, I'm feeling my dedication slip away and I don't really care if people know that I'm a quitter or not.

But it sucks to start something and do so well and then stop.  It makes me feel like I can't be dedicated to what I set my mind to.  Now, I need to find the motivation to start again. Bleh.  I'm thinking a gym membership might help mix things up a little.  But I don't want to pay for something that might not work. SEE?  I'm doing it again.  THINKING about it too, much.

I'm sharing this because I want people to know I'm human, and I'm not perfect (far from).  All I see on facebook are success posts about how far they ran, but I never see the story of how they got there.  Do they even struggle?  I just want everyone to know that isn't real life.  It's scary to be the example, but maybe other people will start sharing their true stories and encourage and empower all of us instead of making us feel less than because our fastest mile is 12 minutes and theirs is 8.

Jus sayin.

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Anonymous said...

I think you can still do it... not that I help in this area... but we all know how well I run! Ha! I love you! :)