Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Couple of Wildcats!

After countless finals, papers, assignments, and dollars, Cimaron and I FINALLY graduated! This was such a special day for us. Since both of us are communication majors, we got to walk together! I couldn't think of a better way to do it! 

The day started early...I'd say what time we woke up but everyone would probably laugh that I'm even complaining. Anyway. We started out by going to the ceremony for all of Weber State at 8:30. I'll have to tell you, it wasn't at all what I expected. The line started moving... and before I knew it we were walking through a line of our professors while the symphony played "pomp and circumstance"  

I feel corny saying this, but I thought of all the times I felt like giving up and times that I didn't believe in myself and all of the people who have supported me (family, friends, professors) and kinda got teary eyed. 

Moving on, the speakers were very good and each of them had an inspring message. We had the opportunity to hear from President Monson. I think I a lot of people expected him to talk mainly about the LDS church, but his message was very uplifting and applied to all WSU Graduates.  

In between the first and second ceremony we got to spend some time with Cimaron's parents. It was a great opportunity to relax. We are glad that they were able to come and support us and we're very grateful for their encouragement and advise that they have given us throughout our college experiences. 

The College of Arts and Humanities ceremony was definitely different than I expected. This was where our names were read and we got to walk across the stage. I won't complain... I just felt a little out of place with all the artsy people there :) 

Anyway, after we were all done, pictures were taken and we went with my parents and both sets of grandparents to Texas Roadhouse! I loved it! It was great to spend time with my grandparents and parents. I don't think the know how much their interest in my education and belief in me has given me the encouragement to keep going. 

In conclusion, I feel very blessed for being able to get an education. But I feel even more blessed to have a family and husband that love me! 

Here are some pictures from the day! (this was not a good day for me and the camera...)


Morrison said...

Congratulations!! I had no idea you were already graduating. That is so great. I am so proud of you. That is a great accomplishment.
I am glad I found your blog too. I hadn't had time to look at it when I first found you off of Brian and Becca's blog, but I thought I better follow you then or I would forget all about it. I never get on here much except to add stuff of Braelynn for my grandma in Arizona and Brett's parents in Mesquite now.
We definately need to stay in touch more than twice a year now we have this.
Thanks so much. We are definately excited to find out what we are having, but our dr is leaning towards girl even though last time was maybe still to early to tell, but from that one he would lean towards girl. Brett is a little worried. He REALLY wants a boy. Me I don't care. If it was a girl we already have everything. Well I have to start coming down once a month and soon or later once a week. We should try and do lunch or something. Are you guys planning on staying in Ogden?

Dave & Brittney said...

Carli, you are amazing. Good job sticking to it. So worth it in the end!