Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oldies but goodies!

I just got these pictures in my e-mail a couple minutes ago from Cimaron's mom! Seeing these made me smile! :)

{Ice Cream Man}

{Sad Cim}

If you know Cim, usually sweets make him happy... which makes this picture confusing.

{Sleepy Cim}

I thought it was interesting how even though Cimaron is all grown up, he's still the same. 
 He still loves candy. . .  I always know where to find him in the grocery store (candy isle of course!)
And he still takes little cat naps whenever he gets the chance.
 I love these things about him and hope they never change!

Love ya Cim Cim!


Anonymous said...

It's official. You'r kids are going to be so dang cute!!

Sierra said...
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Sierra said...

Hey Car! We bought a house so I never get to see you anymore, but I found your blog and thought we could be blog buddies. I miss your smiling face in Primary. This new ward is not quite the same :-)

Humdrum Hero said...

This is my first time checking out your blog. Don't know why. But those pictures of Cim are so stinkin' cute. I adored him when he was little. Loved his chubby cheeks. I still like him now, but can't say I "adore" him anymore.