Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

I saw this cute Christmas decoration idea on a blog that I follow. Mine aren't as great as the ones that I copied... but I'm happy with how they turned out!

 3 Cones

 covered them with felt (instead of velvet)

 added pom pom to the top and fur around bottom

 vinyl for belt and some square sequins for the blingin buckle!

 Ta Da!

Ho ho Ho!

Here are some pics of the rest of the decorations...

 table deco

 close up of the balls

 my slinky santa... is my FAV

 stockings hung nowhere near a chimney...maybe he'll come through the wall?

the tree :) 

Gotta love Christmas! Having all of this stuff out makes our apartment feel more like home. I'm dreading the day I have to take them down. So maybe I won't.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! It all looks so cute! I love your santa cones- they are really cute! I saw some on blog made with newspaper or something that I wanted to try- you've inspired me! I love that you're updating your blog! Love you!

Kendra and Eric Lafferty said...

wow! How cute. It looks great!

Sierra said...

Such a cute idea! You are so crafty :-)

Coretta from Confetti said...

You are so cute look at you Go!
Do you want to make me a wreath? Olea is bothered by our "So ugly" wreath that is on our front door. I agree with her but haven't had time or idea to change it. :P